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This column gives us hope that we don't have to disrupt everything about our live and pay zillions in taxes to overhaul every city with public transportation. Thanks for the hope!

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What an insightful way to view such a prevalent issue. I like the way you think!

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And where exactly does the electricity to fuel electric cars come from? 80% at the low end still comes from fossil fuels, giving at best a 20% reduction in fossil fuel usage. Yes, at the current rate that number will slowly change, but not close to fast enough to do anything significant towards helping negate climate change.


Let’s ignore every single other problem that cars bring: noise pollution, massive land use, incredibly expensive infrastructure, traffic, car deaths being a leading cause of death in America, loss of community, ignore every other problem that cars cause (electric cars do not solve noise pollution as the “rolling noise” of cars becomes louder than engine noise at speeds greater than 20mph. If America magically went electric overnight, we are left with an idealistic 20% reduction in fossil fuels (just in America). This would make an incredibly small dent that would become even smaller when the environmental complications of producing a new electric car for the majority of America. It would solve nothing.

Systematic change is necessary if you actually care about the world. If you care about your comforts in the upper middle class, electric cars are a great way to pretend you are trying to make the world better.

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